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Our airstairs with matching telescopic rods for private jets are a testament to our ability to go beyond motion control components into the realm of aesthetically pleasing products. We know that your demanding customers expect luxury down to the last detail. And handrails are the very first and last things that passengers touch as they are safely guided in and out of the jet. This is no place to leave things to chance.


not just perfect …

These handrails are just what your demanding private jet customers are expecting—not only do they feel right, they’re also beautiful to behold. When the airplane door opens, the staircase unfolds and reveals the impeccably clean chrome of the handrail, which is attached to equally perfect telescopic rods. Still not satisfied? To ensure we cater to every imaginable wish, our custom handrails are designed according to your specifications.

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  • Foldable handrails with telescopic supports for the luxury segment
  • Flawless chrome plating
  • Custom-developed according to your specifications