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In fly-by-wire aircraft, actuators can imitate the forces that mechanical pilot control systems such as pedals generate. These motions are then transmitted as electronic signals. Flight control actuators are highly complex products that affect the safety of the aircraft and are virtually mission-critical — there is zero room for error. With us, you’re on the safe side.

Primary Flight Control Dampers

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Our primary flight control dampers offer you a totally new type of motion control. These dampers have been specially developed for fly-by-wire aircraft to give the pilot pedal feedback and ensure controlled rudder operation. 

In these types of aircraft, the operation of the rudder pedals itself does not generate any opposing force. Without proper force feedback, pilots might not be able to operate the rudder accurately enough during critical maneuvers. That’s where our primary flight control dampers come into play. They generate a counterforce at the pedal to give the pilots force feedback and thus the necessary control to safely pilot the aircraft.

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  • Specially designed for fly-by-wire aircraft
  • Pedal force feedback for controlled rudder operation
  • Linear damping across a broad range of velocities