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Engine Cowlings

Engine cowlings are a real handful. They’re big, they’re heavy, and they have to withstand extreme in-flight conditions. Which means that the motion control components and hold open rods that maintenance crews use to operate these cowlings must, above all else, be one thing: durable. They must withstand extreme temperatures and handle heavy vibrations. And here as well, less is more. Less weight saves fuel and reduces emissions.
For these demanding requirements, we offer you a powerful solution — our lift assist devices and hold open rods. Discover the power of this unbeatable team.

  • Convenient movement and securing of engine cowling by a single person
  • Power assist for opening the cowling and damping when closing
  • Weight optimized stainless steel construction
  • Vibration resistant
  • Flame resistant
  • Suitable for both OEM and retrofitting use

Struts – Lift Assist and Hold Open Rods (LA and HOR)

a potent combination …

It used to take as many as three people to raise the engine cowling of a jet aircraft and lock it into place. Today, a single person can do this with the help of the invincible duo, LA and HOR. The LA provides powerful lift assistance while the HOR serves as a safety catch. The latter is equipped with a quick release and keeps the engine cowling safely open during engine maintenance. Both devices are fully capable of withstanding the intense vibration of the engine during flight.

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