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There are a number of lids in any aircraft lavatory. They require a range of characteristics from the motion control components that determine how these lids operate. Some lids need to gently close by themselves to comply with fire protection regulations. For others, the focus is more on convenience. The latter aspect is of particular relevance for business class and first class restrooms that are designed to surround passengers in luxury.

We’ve developed motion control components across this broad range of applications for you that leave nothing to be desired. Choose between ready-to-install hydraulic and electro-mechanical technologies.


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Mini Spring Actuators (MSA)

light, yet powerful …

These extremely lightweight hydro-mechanical actuators are real powerhouses. In airplane lavatories, MSAs ensure that the lids of trash containers close smoothly, with a preset delay, protecting passenger fingers and preventing banging noises. The MSA also ensures that lids remain securely shut under all conditions, providing compliance with fire-protection regulations. 

Since our Mini Spring Actuators are available in extension or compression versions, you can also use them for many other applications that require smooth lid operation. 

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  • Small diameter saves space
  • Extremely light
  • Fulfills all safety requirements for resistance to fire and smoke
  • Available for compression or extension
  • Very long service life, tested at over 1.8 million cycles
  • Space-saving and very light
  • Broad range of customized models for damping lid and door motions
  • Electronic models can open and close lids automatically
  • Can be used as hinge without damping
  • Torque can be adjusted to customer specifications
  • Very long service life

Rotary Dampers

small size, big advantages …

Smooth down to the last detail

Our rotary dampers are small and effective. You’ll find them in airplanes—for instance in the lavatories. They ensure that the toilet lid and seat close smoothly. The electronic models even do so automatically as soon as the passenger flushes. If you’re looking for added convenience, the lid can also open automatically as soon as you open the lavatory door. 

For diapers changing tables and folding doors

Rotary dampers allow diaper changing tables to be deployed and returned to their upright position safely. When used to control the lavatory bi-fold doors, they prevent sudden closings that can injure passengers. The door damper is available in several custom versions for left- and right-hand opening. If desired, the damper can be delivered with an emergency unlock device. 

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