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Airlines want seats that are lighter and more compact while offering greater comfort. These are the qualities we focus on in developing our seat adjustment systems. The results speak for themselves. Our GA seat locks are lightweight, compact, and offer outstanding comfort. You can also rely on our control cables for space-saving designs that fit into complex installation spaces and offer a perfect complement to our seat adjusters.

GAs Lox™

have a pleasant flight …

GAs Lox™ makes it easy to adjust your airplane seat’s backrest and leg rest. After adjustment, the seat remains firmly secured in the desired position without a cushioning effect. In an emergency, the flight crew can manually force seatbacks and leg rests to their original positions. In addition to these convenient features, the GAs Lox™ is also a compact, lightweight solution that is easy to install. All it takes is a single click, and the GAs Lox™ is ready to go.

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  • Allows convenient adjustment of seatback and leg rest
  • Lightweight construction currently one-third lighter than comparable products
  • Very compact design featuring shorter length and smaller diameter
  • Very long service life, tested at over 250,000 cycles


  • Very flexible, with a smaller-than-average bend radius
  • Small diameter saves space
  • Very lightweight
  • Flame resistant
  • Custom-manufactured to customer specifications
  • Buttons are customizable to reflect your unique design

Control Cables

flexibility and control …

These control cables have got it all. Their smaller bend radius makes them more flexible than other products currently on the market, and they’re also thinner, lighter, and flame resistant. 

But don’t let the size fool you. Their individual components are customized to match the application and your functional requirements. They can be tailored to handle installations in complex spaces, highly corrosive environments, and high wear applications. Every control cable we produce is a custom solution designed to precisely meet your specific needs.

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Crew Seat Damper

slowly but surely …

Crew seat dampers are narrow, lightweight hydraulic dampers specially designed for folding seats. When flight attendants leave their seats, a spring ensures that the seat automatically retracts. To ensure that this motion is controlled and smooth, you can install these small dampers that quietly demonstrate their strength by damping the closing motion without a sound.

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  • Assure seats fold up gently and without a sound
  • Small yet powerful dampers
  • Small diameter
  • Lightweight construction with highend materials such as aluminum alloys, stainless steel, and titanium
  • Very long service life of over 300,000 openings