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Cross the line to the future.

Would you like to have a career with a bright future? One in which your ideas are in high demand? Then General Aerospace is just the place for you. As a leading provider of motion control components for the aerospace industry, we are always looking for experienced professionals and recent graduates who are committed to making innovations fly.

Come work with us, and together, we’ll set the future in motion.

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Our philosophy

We foster a culture of innovation

Cross the line to the future embodies exactly what drives us. It’s our passion for flying. The aerospace industry is constantly presenting new challenges. We love those challenges, because we set our sights high and we are continually pushing the envelope of what technology can achieve with our visionary products. Our focus here is clearly on the needs of our customers, because we want them to be enthusiastic about our solutions.

To achieve this, we need creative, motivated, and responsible employees who feel comfortable with us to lend us their hands, heads, and hearts as part of a lasting relationship. We want to recruit experienced professionals and the best talent available to contribute creative insights and enrich our innovative spirit. That’s why we are constantly working towards our goal of an open company culture that centers around innovation, creativity, and trust.

What we do

General Aerospace is a mid-sized company with flat hierarchies and short chain of command. Working for us means being part of exciting projects for international partners such as Boeing, Airbus, Pilatus, Embraer, Comac, and Bombardier. You’ll be part of the big picture which, at the end of the day, will allow you to see what you have created.

We want all of our employees to be motivated at work. That’s why we offer you exciting responsibilities that allow you to grow into new roles. In addition, we invest in the development of our employees with targeted continuing education measures and facilitate a healthy work-life balance.

Unsere Benefits:
  • Attractive working environment
  • Healthy work-life balance
  • Exciting responsibilities
  • Performance-based compensation
  • Free drinks
  • Free parking
  • Good public transportation in the area

What we expect from you

Creative go-getter who is comfortable assuming responsibility

The aerospace industry is all about safety, quality, reliability, and innovation. We need creative, reliable achievers who are passionate about imagining the future and making that vision reality.

We see a creative achiever as someone who is able to view an assignment from an unusual perspective to gain the inspiration they need to produce a perfect solution that no one else could see. But precision is also important, as is an awareness of the responsibility that a job in the aerospace industry entails.

Equitable relationships

We value and respect one another. Even when we’re talking about people’s careers, we believe that success only happens when we are fair to one another within our team. Open communication is an important component of our company culture. It’s the basis for good business relationships. That’s why we maintain open channels of communication for information and knowledge with customers, employees, suppliers, and all of our stakeholders. We see honest communication as a give-and-take. This way, we ensure that we are all on the same page so we can make the best of every project.

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