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General Aerospace

United by their passion for the aerospace industry and an ambitious vision, Samuele Piatti and Erik van den Dolder agreed in 2003 to found General Aerospace together. Within a very short time, they were able to demonstrate the value of their company’s services to the market and achieve success. Headquartered in Germany with customer support centers in the United States, General Aerospace now delivers motion control components to renowned manufacturers around the globe. Getting to this point required some serious courage, expertise, and a clear mission.

Our mission

Cross the line to the future

„As a development partner, we strive to give our customers the most sophisticated and creative motion control systems on the aerospace market.“

Cross the line to the future expresses everything we are about. It embodies our passion for flying. The aerospace industry is constantly presenting new challenges. We love those challenges, because we set our sights high and we are continually pushing the envelope of what technology can achieve with our visionary products. To do so, we are always thinking far ahead and viewing problems from unusual perspectives. This allows us to come up with innovative and compelling solutions for motion control components. All our products and solutions must exhibit the following core characteristics to meet our standards:

  • Increase flight safety
  • Assist the flight crew
  • Increase passenger comfort
  • Lower emissions by continuously reducing weight

The General Aerospace brand

The General Aerospace brand stands for controlled motion — because that is the purpose of our products.

Controlled motion, however, is also an important part of our business philosophy. We never stand still — we’re always looking for better ways to implement our customers’ wishes. In other words, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations with products that are creative and visionary. We are very conscientious, carefully monitoring every step from development to delivery. Because innovative technologies are useless if the final product isn’t flawless.

An additional core value of our brand is lightweighting. We want to ensure greater convenience and better experiences for passengers with our motion control components. We are, however, also committed to continuously reducing the weight of our products, because in this respect, less is more.


Our history

We crossed the line …


The story of General Aerospace is an inspiring tale of a young company that found success. It’s about two founders who rolled up their sleeves to make their dream of a successful aerospace company reality. One of them with business acumen, the other a technical wizard that you’ll still find surrounded by his engineering team, knee deep in product testing. Together, the two paved the way for the company’s success. Want to learn more about the milestones on their path to success? Come along for a journey through the history of General Aerospace’s success and experience it for yourself.

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