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Control cables for aeronautics

flexibility and control …

These motion control cables have got it all. They can be used in complex installation spaces with very tight bending requirements and even save weight while they’re at it. How? With a bending radius that is smaller than average, our control cables are not only more flexible than others on the market, they are also thin, especially lightweight, and flame resistant.


the sky is not the limit …

The flexibility and strength of these motion control cables is matched only by their broad range of applications. They are used anywhere mechanical movements cannot be transmitted directly.
  • Operating seat locks in seatbacks and leg rests›
  • Emergency operation
  • LED screen motions in seatbacks
  • Any application for which you would like to transmit force
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for custom applications…

There’s a lot of technology packed into these control cables. That’s because their individual components are customized to match your functional requirements and the respective application. Whether you’ve got complicated installation conditions or heightened requirements for resistance to corrosion, wear, or extreme temperatures – every control cable we produce is a custom solution designed to precisely meet your specific needs.

Below you will find interesting details about the features of the most important control cable components used in the aerospace industry. We develop the ideal solution for your requirements.

Protective jackets
  • Exhibit high resistance to mechanical abrasion, reducing wear
  • Noise insulating
  • Make an important contribution to fire protection
  • Protect control cables from radiant heat
  • Noise insulating
  • Protects against moisture and can be pressed into end pieces, forming a watertight seal
  • VESTAMID® sheaths are flame resistant in accordance with FAR 25.853 and ABD 0031
  • Prevent abrasion
Spiral metal housings
Round wire housings
  • Very lightweight (29 g / m)
  • Very flexible
Ribbon wire housings
  • Light (32.6 g / m) and flexible
  • Compared to round wire housings, more stable in terms of elongation
Flexible, low-friction inner sleeve
  • Guides the cable and serves to reducefriction and protect
  • Standard material: Teflon (PTFE)
  • Temperature-resistantlubricant in the core increases efficiency of power transmission and ensures smooth operation
  • Special solution: glass bead fillings minimize friction and wear, increasing efficiency
Cables for aeronautics
  • Transmit mechanical motions
  • Flexible cables for tight installation radii (7×7): 7 stranded wires with 7 strands each; are used when efficiency and flexibility are important
  • Extremely flexible cables (7×19): 7 wires with 19 fine twisted wires; suitable for more extreme bend radii and when abrasion resistance is crucial
  • Stiff cables for large installation radii (1×19): 1 strand consisting of 19 twisted wires; transmit more force with efficiency over distance


off-the-shelf, or custom designed …

Our flexible and sophisticated control cables are complemented by fit-for-purpose accessories to create ideal solutions. You can select from a range of proven solutions or specify your own requirements.

If you would like to learn more or start a joint project with us, please call us.