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The demand for larger luggage bins and airplanes continues unabated. Travelers want to bring more carry-on luggage with them into the airplane. Another aspect to consider, however, is that boarding is quicker when passengers are able to quickly find a spot for and store their carry-on. As the number of seats in the aircraft rises, luggage loads are also increasing. That makes it more important to equip luggage bins with high-performance power assist devices and secure locking systems.
Find out how you can increase the size of your luggage bins by equipping them with lightweight, safe, and convenient motion control components. Our e-latches open up even more design possibilities.

  • Secure closure of luggage bins with visual status display
  • Optional integration with cabin management systems and attendant panels
  • Cabled and wireless control options via CAN bus integration or Bluetooth with mesh technology
  • Fail-safe mechanical and electronic emergency release
  • Very light and space saving
  • More options for designers when planning cabin lighting as well as sizing and positioning luggage bin openers


play it safe …

Unparalleled safety

The electronic version of the latch not only securely closes luggage bins, it also allows the flight crew to see whether all bins are truly closed. A green or red light in the luggage bin opener displays its status. If the E-Latches are integrated into the cabin management system, all the crew has to do is take a glance at the flight attendant panel. From the attendant panel, the crew can monitor bin status and lock bins during take-off

Significant space and weight savings

Compared to conventional mechanical systems, installing E-Latches reduces weight by nearly 50 %. Since the E-Latch cables run inside the frame of the luggage bin, they also require significantly less space to install. Passengers will be pleased to have more space for their luggage

New design freedom

The cables of the E-Latches are flexible and they also enable attractive LED lighting designs. This opens the door to an entire range of new options for designers. Now you can choose any position and size for the luggage bin openers and create innovative cabin lighting accents.

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