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Hydraulic dampers

constant velocity regardless of weight …

You’ll find hydraulic dampers everywhere from cockpit to tail, gracing a variety of moving parts to ensure their smooth and safe operation. Hydraulic dampers from General Aerospace differ from conventional products in one key aspect. Their power assist always opens doors and lids at a constant velocity — regardless of load. But that’s not all. Conventional hydraulic dampers require the installation of an external end stop. We’ve already integrated the end stop into our mechanism. That saves you space, weight, and expense.

Very light and space saving

their needs are few …

Advanced lightweight construction, compact dimensions, convenient operation, and uncompromising performance — that’s what sets apart General Aerospace hydraulic dampers. And allows you to save significant amounts of space and weight. Equip 50 luggage bins with our hydraulic dampers, for instance, and you’ll save approximately half a bin’s worth of space. When considering the entire aircraft, that’s huge.

Intelligent material mix

We achieve this impressive reduction in space and weight by using an intelligent mix of advanced materials such as aluminum alloys, stainless steel, and titanium. The cylinder of the dampers is made of stainless steel. This allows us to create very slim designs that reduce weight correspondingly. We have added the perfect alloys to the titanium piston rod to further reduce weight.


exactly what you need …

Hydraulic dampers are suited to a wide range of applications. We offer a number of models to ensure they are perfectly matched to the respective application. But regardless of which standard version you’re looking at, we always develop a tailored solution for you that precisely matches your requirements.

Standard models:

  • Ø cylinder mm: from 11 to 52
  • Stroke in mm: 5 to 500
  • Extension force in N: 10 to 500

Power assist options:

  • During compression
  • During extension
  • During compression and extension

Mounting hardware for hydraulic dampers

it‘s as simple as that …

Hydraulic dampers require strong, intelligent mounting hardware that
enables a quick release. This allows luggage bins to be rapidly repaired
or replaced. That’s the advantage of our unique mounting element. The
respective luggage bin can be separated from the hydraulic damper with
just a few motions. Replacing it is just as easy – just snap it into place, and
you’re good to go.

If you would like to learn more or get started on a joint project, just give us a call.