Products Lift Assist Units (LAU)

Lift Assist Units (LAU)

take it easy …

Lift Assist Units (LAU) are unique products that no one else currently offers. As the name suggests, these units offer power assist for closing luggage bins and, depending on the version, dampen the opening motion regardless of weight. This allows passengers and crew to easily operate heavy bins. And these LAUs are especially lightweight and compact.

The features in detail

Our lift assist units come in different versions to provide the precise solution that works best for you. This is achieved by combining different features.

Lift assist reduces the force necessary to close luggage bins

All of our lift assist units generate a surprising amount of force, allowing them to handle as much weight as possible. They let people easily close large and heavy luggage bins in airplanes. The power assist effect is remarkable and very convenient for crew and passengers alike.

Damping when opening luggage bins

The damping feature makes it possible to safely open heavy luggage bins. Regardless of the weight, the speed at which the bin opens is always the same. Even if the luggage bin is completely empty, no pressure is required to open it all the way.

Microelectronic controls

An integrated microprocessor measures, calculates, and independently determines — regardless of the respective load — when the mechanical power assist is required to close the luggage bin. As soon as this point has been reached, the lift force engages seamlessly and silently. Operation consumes a negligible amount of energy since the only thing that requires energy is the power for the microprocessor.

A comparison of our LAUs

  • Lift assist
  • Damping
  • Microelectronic





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intelligent powerhouses…

The electromechanical LAU or, more accurately, the E-LAU, offers a full feature set and is, to put it simply, an intelligent mechatronic unit. It generates an astounding amount of force, allowing it to close large, fully loaded aircraft luggage bins with its power assist. The electronic LAU also opens bins with a controlled, damped motion.

Just one LAU is mounted to each luggage bin with a special damper that has been adjusted to the exact velocity of the lift assist installed on the opposing side.

The mechanical LAU offers the following:
  • Mechanical power-assisted closing of the luggage bins with integrated coil springs
  • Damped luggage bin opening regardless of weight
  • Microelectronic control system with extremely low energy consumption

Integrated LED-System

The integrated LED system assists with initial installation or troubleshooting. It can be turned on and off as required.


unbeatable strength …

The GAS LAU is exactly what you need if you’re looking for a lift assist device for closing especially large and heavy luggage bins. Its strength is supporting the closing motion with extra power. In contrast to the classic LAU, it doesn’t damp the opening motion of the luggage been, but it does offer greater flexibility with respect to lift.

The GAS LAU is mounted to the luggage bin with two additional special dampers that ensure gentle opening and have been precisely adapted to the velocity of the LAU.

Features of the GAS LAU
  • Mechanical power support for closing especially large luggage bins using an integrated gas pneumatic spring
  • Microelectronic control system with extremely low energy consumption
The GAS LAU also incorporates an integrated LED system to support initial installation and troubleshooting.


keep it simple …

The mechanical LAU offers all the features to ensure convenience when opening luggage bins and to provide impressive relief to crew and passengers alike. In contrast to the other versions, this one, however, works purely mechanically. That makes the M-LAU the right product for you if you are trying to do without electricity completely but don’t want to sacrifice luggage bin motion control.

The M-LAU mounts to the luggage bin together with a damper on the opposing side. This ensures perfectly controlled motion of the bin.

The features of the GAS LAU
  • Mechanical power assist for closing luggage bins
  • Damping of luggage bin opening regardless of weight

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