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Seat Locks-GAs Lox™

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Passengers want to feel comfortable in their airplane seats. They want to be able to smoothly adjust the seatback, to not feel confined, and to arrive at their destination refreshed. Airlines also want to have comfortable passengers. But they also want to reduce emissions and use space as efficiently as possible to maximize passenger numbers. Seats play a key role here. They can reduce weight and save space without affecting comfort. To achieve this, we manufacture the ideal seat lock — the GAs LOX™. It is lightweight, compact, smooth, and you can install it in any orientation.

Function and design

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How it works

Seatbacks with GAs LOX™ move with incomparable smoothness. Passengers can carefully recline at the push of a button and return to an upright position just as smoothly. The integrated override feature allows the cabin crew to force the seat back to its original position manually in the event of an emergency.

Light and space saving with ideal flexibility

Thanks to its intelligent design, GAs LOX™ is a pioneering innovation. It’s currently the lightest seat lock on the market. The efficient lightweight construction saves more than one third of the weight of conventional products. It also boasts reduced length and diameter. That allows it to fit into the tightest installation spaces.

Since our GAs LOX™ is not filled with oil but only gas, the piston rod motion is completely silent. You can install GAs LOX™ in any orientation desired. You get maximum flexibility for implementing unique seating designs.


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We develop just the right seat lock to perfectly fulfill your seating requirements. In addition to the GAs LOX™, we also have other seat adjustment products, each of them with their own strengths.
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Ø Cylinder

  • 26mm - GAs LOX™
  • 21mm
  • 26 mm

Piston rod length

  • 10mm
  • 10mm
  • 12mm

Grease chamber

Check valve

Override feature


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